The strange computer in the corner of the room softly whirrs to life... Beckoning for a master to see its contents.. Despite the thin layer of dust on the screen, it shines bright.

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Command Prompt.exe
>This website may be unsuitable for those sensitive to eyestrain, bright lights/colors, or
otherwise disorienting imagery. The Webmaster advises those only 15/16 years of age view this site.
>This website is best viewed in Firefox, and in full window. If images do not appear properly,
try holding down CTRL and + or -.
>Please do not reupload or screenshot my website for "aesthetic" posts. My website is not a
aesthetic or something to be consumed. I request you do not reupload my site onto places such as
Twitter, Tumblr, Tiktok, or similar SNS platforms.
>Most graphics on this site were "salvaged" from old Geocities sites or from "free to use" graphics
blogs. Some graphics however are custom made by myself (Usually hand drawn) and I request you do not
reupload or use graphics that contain "CUSTOM" in their name. If you notice a graphic made by you and
would like it removed, please forgive me for my ignorance and sign my guestbook with a way to
contact you further!