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Some lovely sites you should check out..! Please note that although I look thru a large chunk of these sites, I do not fully condone every single thought of these Webmasters, as they do not mine either. All listed in no particular order!

- Although at first I was a little confused on how to browse, this site is pack full of personality..! Like a Britney Spears song put into a soda can thats also a website! I really enjoyed reading about the Webmasters travels on her about page.

- Suni is one of those guys I want to shove into a locker, but would probably still give him my leftover sandwich at lunch xD Its unfortunate many people only view his site as some "aesthetic webcore", when theres clearly alot of effort put into his work such as custom graphics and helpful articles. Please give his site a real look-thru!

- (At the time of writing, this site is undergoing a rework!) Corey is such a neat dude, I'm really loving the new advancements for his site! I'm very hopeful for what comes in the future since it really has that "Resident Evil house" feel.

- The number one Tak and Swatch fan on this entire hoster, its Dib! I really enjoy the gothic feel for this site, it feels like a old emo AMV i'd watch on the Youtube app for the Wii. Her art section is a immediate visit! It feels like a modern twist on what I'd find on DeviantArt in 2008. I totally dig his OC section! The crisp lines of these arts never fail to scratch my brain.

- A site run by a true nerd..! Although I still don't fully understand the ins and outs of things like Linux or TOR, I can tell this guy really knows their stuff..!! I had a really good laugh at their article for their "Project Museum" but stayed since it intrigued me so :]

- My interest was immediately piqued by the URL, being based off of one of the greatest ARGs to exist, Local 58. I was kicking my feet behind me as I read their citypop page, as I'm a huge fan myself! (Based fan of Meiko Nakahara) I'm very excited to see what they add next..!! I hope their anime page gets more extended, I love to hear from other Utena fans..!

- A truly unique site, I really loved reading his dry comments on his about page such as "My favorite band is no longer Nirvana." is something I think about randomly at 2 AM and giggle over. I was really on the edge of my seat to see his "favorites" page for bands like Beck and Garbage..! I grew up with those and never really met anyone apart from my parents who like them..! And the archive of his old Mario levels and Doom levels..!? Totally rad :]

- I've been meaning to get more into RPG maker type horror and whenever I view this site I always feel the urge to plunge head deep into that rabbit hole..! I really enjoyed reading her page for Ritsuko from NGE. (This is my confession I read spoilers, sorry) I also related to her "There Is No Manifesto" page.. I recall seeing their shrine to this dress on my activity feed when I logged in and immediately thinking "Woa!! I gotta see what this is about." And stayed for the lovely read on lolita fashion..! Please give ophanimkei a look!


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