(!My Packs!)

Please do not redistribute my packs, and please link to here if someone asks. I do not mind people taking my files apart and editing for personal use.

(Install Instructions)

1. Open your game launcher. Select your account but do not login. Select the gear/options button and select something like "Browse local directory".
2. Navigate to "resources" folder, and then "content packs".
3. Drop the .MF file into this folder.

Your pack should load the next time you start the game. Something to note is that if two packs edit the same thing (Such as the same shirt for example) the first one alphabetically listed in the folder will load first. Even if the shirt is left as default in one pack, if the file is included it will override one with custom edits.

Essentially, feel free to mish-mash some of these packs and take them apart! Just please do not reupload your personal edits or claim the originals as your own. A tutorial on how to decompile files and repack them can be found on the sidebar of this page.

(My Packs)

Mouthpiece Suit Redux
Date Created: 6/19/2023
A new suit for Belle!
Download | Pants Alt

Buck Tail
Date Created: 6/6/2023
A simple pack to give Duck Shuffler a tail.

Anime Girl Loading Screens
Date Created: 5/19/2023
Replaces loading screens with cute anime girls.