(!Basic Tutorial!)

Last Updated: 6/5/2023
This is optimized for Corporate Clash and Windows OS. Adjustments may need to be made for other servers such as Rewritten.

This is a basic tutorial on how to start making Content Packs, or just digging into the games files! Please note that this does not change major aspects of the game, such as the battle system, health of enemies, animations, or 3D models. Although, if you'd like to mess with some of the 3D models for renders or for fun outside of in-game changes, check out the link on the sidebar to "Models Tutorial".

In certain parts of the installation tutorial, I try to provide some context to how things work apart from "run command and get item". Its important to understand how some things work in case you run into errors!

(The Basics - Installing and Decompiling)

1. Download Panda3D, its recommended to use an update to version of the software. (Can be found at https://www.panda3d.org) Most Toontown servers, if not all, run on this engine. This is a mandatory step for editing files.
2. After making sure Panda3D is installed properly, click on your Windows icon in the bottom left corner of your taskbar and type in "CMD". (Or right click the icon and "Open terminal".)
3. Open your game launcher, select your account but do not login. Go to the gear/settings icon, and select "Browse Local Directory" or something similar. The locations of your game files should appear, such as this below.

4. Going back to your command prompt window. If you have multiple drives, type the letter your Toontown game files are located in. (Such as "K:") If you only have one drive on your computer, type "C:" and hit enter.
5. Next, put "cd" this means "change directory" and tells your computer where to look! Put a space, and go thru the following folders: Resources > Default. Drag and drop the "Default" folder, as shown below, into the command prompt window.

6. Now that your computer is looking in this folder, find the files you want to decompress. (A cheat sheet for which phase files are which can be found on the sidebar!) And type in the following command:

multify -x -f phase_(NUMBER)_.mf

After hitting enter, a folder should appear at the top of the newly decompiled items. The screenshot below is an example of what your command prompt and folder should look like if done correctly!

(What Now???)

Now its just a matter of artistic ability, and editing software!
If you're doing a retexture, finding the texture you want, and throwing it into your photo editior of choice will do. (I personally use FireAlpaca.)

Please note, you MUST keep the file name the same! This means if you want to retexture something like a Bloodsuckers face, you must keep the file name the same as the original Bloodsucker face texture. This is the same for everything, such as music.

Again, a cheat sheet for which files lie in which folder can be found on the sidebar. Please use it to your advantage!

Alot of Content Pack creation boils down to trial and error, but if you'd like to live preview your textures on some models, such as the Cog heads, refer to the "Models Tutorial" on how to do so!

(Recompiling and Playing)

Once you've finished whatever you're doing, essentially, reverse engineer it back into the folder it was originally in. So for example:
Here we have a Bloodsucker face retexture. (Isn't he cute?)

(Original vs Minor Editing.)

So for this example, Bloodsuckers face textures are found in phase_11_maps.mf. We need to basically recreate this file path so the game will read it. First, make a new folder and name it what your pack is. And then look at the original folder you decompiled from, and recreate its folder paths. And place the new texture you made into it! It should look like this:

(Make sure to edit to what the file you edited was originally from! Do not directly copy this photo.)

After you've placed your folders together, I recommend making sure theres no other files in the folder apart from what you want to be replaced. (So remove any editing files or unneccesaries!)

Now, lets return to our command prompt by the steps we did earlier. (I hope you're paying attention.)
In our command prompt, do what we did earlier of "c: > cd". Then before hitting enter on "CD", drag and drop the main folder (The first folder!) and hit enter.

Now, enter the command:
If you have more then one phase file in the folder, put more after!.

If done properly, you should have something like this:


And now, the easiest part of this tutorial. Take the .mf file you just made. Go into your local game directory using the steps shown earlier, and return to the "resources" folder we went to earlier to grab files from. Drag and drop the .mf file into the "contentpacks" folder, and load your game!

Wowie! :D Yippee! And dare I say, yahoo! The surgery was a success.

I hope this guide was helpful as a starter for content pack creation. Theres quite alot you can do! Such as changing the visuals of the UI, stickers, club UI, chat UI, clothing textures, music, etc! A final note reminder to take a look at the "phase file cheat sheet" for where to find files. And the "Models Tutorial" for viewing the in-game models! (Models are included in the phase file cheat sheet!)

I try to keep this guide as up to date, if a major change comes. But if you need support, or want to show something off, consider checking out the contentpacks.net website and Discord linked!