ArtFight is a once-a-year art trading game that takes place in July.
Two teams battle it out by drawing the others character!
Whoever has the most points at the end of the month wins. :]

I've been partcipating in ArtFight ever since I learned of it in 2019! Its a
absolute joy, even if I get a bit burnt out :,]..

I was unable to partcipate during 2022s ArtFight, but I did sign up for Team Wither.

I include attacks I've recieved here for archival purposes. If you want
your art, or art I've done for you removed, please sign my guestbook or PM me on the site!

Click the team icons to go to the pages.






Special thanks to artists: Leafjelly, Sanguynn, axel, and everyone on
the ArtFight team for making this possible! (And for some of the assets used on this page!)