"Whats happening?":
As stated on the front page, this is "My Really Weird Giant TF2 OC Mega Story" page. When I was younger I made characters, and I kept going, and going, and going- until I eventually realized I morphed the original story into my own version of it.

I hold TF2 very dear to my heart, and it made me sad to see Valve leave both the game and the story on dry land. I figured I'd make sort of "my own telling" of it, and give it a very special treatment. :]

"Did you rewrite the original characters of TF2? Why aren't they here?":
Nope, the original characters from TF2 (Such as the mercenaries, Ms. Pauling, Saxton Hale, etc) are still present in the story. I more of "expanded" on them in elements that weren't in the original. (Like backstory or vagueness) My intention isn't to completely change the story, but more of just.. rewrite it a bit, and fit it with new characters. The basic plot is still the same, we're just taking some new amusement park rides along the way. :Dc

As for why the canon characters don't have their own profiles on here, I tried not to change much about their original elements. You could really just read their official wiki pages and get the same takeaway from them. I am considering adding "small" pages for them that just explains the new info I gave them. I'm still thinking about it, alright?

"Is this a game?":
Sadly, I have no experience really with game engines apart from small mods. And my attempts to find information on how to create a TF2 sourcemod have been.. vague and uncertain. I'd love to figure this out someday, but as of now the main story telling medium is thru artwork and writing. Not to mention- I have no idea how to implement the ideas I'd want! If you're curious for what I'd like to do, check out the "Updates" tab.

I'm very inspired by other TF2 sourcemods like "Team Fortress 2 Classic" or "Open Fortress". If you have information on how to do similar (That won't get me assassinated by Valves lawyers) feel free to leave me a message on my guestbook, and I'll get back to you..!

But for now, I'm happy with the medium I have for it.

"Is there a name for this project?":
Yes! I'm dubbing it "Team Fortress 2: Retold". A bit cheesy, but it gets the point across, right?

"Whats version number?":
You might've noticed at the bottom of the page, a little "Ver 4.5". I don't know why I really included this but.. its just the revision of the story :p I've rewritten this entire thing 4-5 times!

I love *love* answering questions about this. I will include really anything here, so please, don't be afraid to contact me.!.