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Thank you for considering commissioning me! Please read thru these sections carefully,
and send me a e-mail (cogsincorporated@protonmail.com) or contact me thru my Toyhouse.

Please note I do transactions thru ko-fi.




This is the terms of service for commissions that can be purchased from me. If
you have a concern or question, please don't hesitate to PM me even before purchasing!

>All listings are sold as is and all sales are final. I do not accept refunds/returns. And
I do not accept lowering prices or bargains. Please make a informed
decision about your purchase and understand it is digital art.

>I will do: anthros, humans, up to 6 characters in one image, eyestrain,
blood/weapons, creepy/unsettling, and most scenery.

>I will not do: fetish, nudity below the waist, R18/NSFW,
extreme violence/gore, torture/abuse, or political.

>Please ask about: complex robots, animals/furries on all fours.

>I work by the "pay half" module. Meaning I will sketch your commission,
you tell me if you like the sketch, pay half, and then I will finish and you will pay the other

>Sketches can be redone 3 times if you do not like how the previous turned out.
Edits do not count towards this. (Such as: "Can you please lower their eyes?" Or
"Can you please add more hair?") Please be very clear with what you see
wrong and want changed!

>My art is not for commercial use and is for personal use and enjoyment.

>I have the right to deny a sale with or without reason. I personally do
not do sales with users who have a prolonged history of scamming, discourse, or
otherwise rude behavior. I am unlikely to accept accounts that are freshly made, have no history,
or nothing uploaded to them.

>My art must be creditted on any site it is used on by either linking to my main
Toyhouse or my personal website.

-Fill Out-

Please fill out the following form in your message to me if interested in a commission.


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