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Thank you for considering a custom from me! Please read thru these sections carefully,
and send me a e-mail (cogsincorporated@protonmail.com) or contact me thru my Toyhouse.

Please note I do transactions thru ko-fi.




This is the terms of service for designs that can be purchased from me. If you have
a concern or question, please don't hesitate to PM me even before purchasing!

(This TOS also applies to adopts purchased from me.)

>All listings are sold as is and all sales are final. I do not accept refunds/returns. And
I do not accept lowering prices or bargains. Please make a informed
decision about your purchase and understand it is digital art.

>Some listings have unique notes or things included. But purchasing a design in
general will include: A unwatermarked PNG, a unshaded version, and the
transfer key to their Toyhouse profile.

>My designs are not for commercial use and are for personal use and enjoyment.

>I have the right to deny a sale with or without reason. I personally do not
do sales with users who have a prolonged history of scamming, discourse,
or otherwise rude behavior. I am unlikely to accept accounts that are freshly made,
have no history, or nothing uploaded to them.

>I will hold one character once for 24 hours.

>If I respond to your message about purchasing and you do not reply for 5 days,
the character will no longer be listed as "Pending".

>Once the purchase is made the character is entirely yours. I will never ask to
revoke the character, and I do not care if you decide to resell. Credits must remain intact.

>If you opt to resell a character I designed in the future and have issues with another
user, please do not involve me.

>You are free to edit the character to your hearts desire and in any way you please.
Just please do not remove my credits on their profile or the original image they came with.

>You do not need to inform me of changes made to the character or if they are rehomed.
(But I don't mind recieving friendly messages about what you do with them,
or what personality you gave them! :])

-Fill Out-

Please fill out the following form in your message to me if interested in a custom.

You can also use the "mannequin" photo below the fill out form to help you illustrate
your desired design or get certain concepts by.


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