Boothworld Industries was created on August 4th 2021 by a lonely computer surfing the web. The website is currently in its 4th revision.

Which is me :] Hello, I am Beau. A human impersonator and self proclaimed evil overlord. Boothworld Industries isn't just my website, but I consider it a digital mural of all I love and adore. They say the internet lasts for forever (Past 2015 atleast-) in that case, I hope my website serves as a reflection for who I am even when my mortal body decays.

Talking solely about myself is a bit of a hard task, considering isn't my entire site already about me? So I'll try to just put information you won't find elsewhere here..

I was born on February 6th, making me an aquarius. Funnily, my mom wanted me to be born on Valentines Day but was told that was "too early". According to MBTI I'm either a INFP or a INFJ. My favorite season is fall, I don't like leather seats, and my favorite operating system is Windows 7. My favorite console is the Nintendo 3DS and Playstation 3. My favorite color of all time is red, although I really like olive and browns too. For those who care, I am a transsexual man, or a female man. My friends call me the "middle aged man connoisseur". (I am also very gay)

My hobbies are archival projects, watching scary stories late at night, jailbreaking devices, maxxing achievements in games, and dusting my never ending figurine collection.

At a young age I've had an infatuation with technology. I was homeschooled and raised next to my mother on my dads very slow Windows Vista computer, playing games and sometimes watching videos. I have a faint memory of sitting on the floor with some big CRTV my parents were getting rid of, and managing to hook it back up with the colored cables. The static freaked me out-... My real love for the web kicked in when I was around 6-8 years old and I was living in my grandparents basement. All I had to really keep me company was the beloved family computer, where I played many flash games and watched many AMVs.

My first personal connection on the web was thru Planet Minecraft and Pinterest. Where I made tons of Minecraft player skins and roleplayed in the comments section of many art posts. My first "real" social media was DeviantArt from the ages 11 to 15. I still miss it dearly..

Sometime when I was around 9-11 was when I made my first website. Surprise! This isn't my first rodeo with HTML. I don't recall why I made it, or what inspired me to, but I remember hosting it on some random "free hosting" site thats likely lost to time. It had a googly eye Halloween background, and I threw fanart of Gorillaz on there along with Ms Officer and Mr Truffles. (I've taken years off the lifespan of those who know what I'm referring to) I used to put the center tag at the start of EVERY line to ENSURE it was centered...

Funnily, I did make a Neocities before this one, randomly. (Not sure why I did-) which was named "theinfirmary". The only record I have of its existence is this screenshot from a server where I was testing out the little preview box. ..I ended up deleting it because the amount of views it had scared me! (It was around 600 when I last logged in before deactivating) But don't worry, nothing important or interesting was on it. I was just following a tutorial, and put a photo of Thrax from Osmosis Jones on it. (..I believe if you hovered over him I called him hot)

Sadly I didn't touch HTML again for a long time after that, as I didn't really have a community or people to really inspire me. Not saying you *need* a community to do HTML- but I was young and didn't see a point in it. Nonetheless, I had a interest in website code even after. Primarily pimping out my DeviantArt with stamps and saving up for a whole month of membership with my dinky adoptables. (This was a status symbol among 12 year olds in 2017; For future historians reading this.)

After DeviantArts.. well, not demise, but terrible rebrand, did I move to other SNS for a change. One being.. the dreaded Twitter. Yes, even I wasn't immune. When I was younger it was really "the cool kids place", considering no one I knew apart from adults used Twitter. So I thought of it as some "cool" thing to use haha, I hope that website burns!

I don't really like going into detail, but perhaps bullying from my own peers about innocent interests did something to my mental health I still have to work thru- anywho. Around this time alot of those "old web" "webcore" aesthetics started to get into trend. They really interested me. It wasn't until I joined a mutuals Danganronpa oriented server I came across the website Gundham. Something about this site struck a very deep chord with me, the way it was crafted.. Which was the desire to code and making a spot for myself in cyberspace.

And now you're here! Although, again, funnily, this isn't my first website. I previously ran the site Ace Attorney Villains. Which is now very inactive, and I don't have any plans to revise it. I also briefly worked on the Ace Attorney Archive Wiki. Although this project is also defunct.. I swear, I'm not usually this flakey with projects. I just had some very bad experiences in those fanbases that discouraged me haha...

As mentioned in the first paragraph, the site is currently in its "fourth" revision. You can visit the previous versions by going to the home page and visiting "the museum". But to recap briefly: My first URL was blaisedebeste, then gyakutenkenji2, and then Boothworld Industries. "Why Boothworld Industries"? Its the name of my favorite scary internet horror story!

Apart from my history on the web... "So whats with the weird robot shit?" I'm glad you asked! If its not obvious, all my screws aren't here in my head. I feel very passionately about robotics, computers, and the internet. To put simply- I think technology is a reflection of us as humans, and often this technology is gatekept in the hands of rich idiots.. I think its easier for us to blame some boogeyman instead of confronting humanity and its issues. Its not the computers fault it was programmed this way.

I think technology is beautiful, which is why I identify with it. I've never truly viewed myself alongside humans anyway. I don't think its something in opposition to humans, but instead complimentary. It just as mortal as we are.. what happens to a old device thats parts aren't being made anymore? It dies, just as we do. Isn't that beautiful?

I guess I don't have much else to say about myself anymore... :O Most of what else you'll find out about me are thru blog entries or just browsing. My hobbies and interests.. my (questionable) music taste.. Truth be, I'm still partially trying to figure out who "I" really is haha. For most of my life I've been trying to be "palatable" to other people. As I said earlier, working on my website is very helpful to my state of mind. I consider it a healthy habit to try and verbalize how I feel on here.

Thank you for visiting Boothworld Industries and reading my little page... :] Even if this interaction is fleeting in the grander scheme of the universe, the time my URL spends in your browser history is time well spent together. And remember,

No one knows you're a cog on the internet!

[Pride buttons inspired by Bellringer]