Welcome to the labyrinth library. This page is for random, unsorted, and misc things I've written. These contain random thoughts I have. Some may be upsetting, but not overly graphic.

I don't really like "venting" in my blog entries since I think my emotions can be very intense. And I tend to ramble when I'm upset- So I try to condense them into a sort of "poem", and a art form in a way to prevent myself from getting more upset. And turn it into something more helpful. I have a hard time describing how I feel when I'm upset, so I tend to write very metaphorically, vaguely, or in third person.

I publish my thoughts here to try and get over the lifelong anxiety I've had of pushing my feelings down for other people. You're not obligated to read anything here, and you can leave at anytime. Please don't feel concerned for me over things written here, I feel alot better after I write.

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