{In-Game Photos}

In-game screenshots I've taken.


Misc screenshots.

Goofy screenshot 5#

Goofy screenshot 4#

Some headshots from the portrait.

Funny number

Obtained loot (Hat obtained Jan 12th on 8th battle, sticker obtained Feb 9th on 17th battle.)

Goofy screenshot 3#

Goofy screenshot 2#

Goofy screenshot 1#

My first content pack :D I actually made this before the models were available. So I had to reload the game a few times to get the bow right. (This pack is for private use) Some slight edits to match how I draw him. Which is just heavier eyebags, a string bow, and I made his suit ever so slightly blue tinted. (Its more noticable if you zoom up next to the Number Cruncher exe in the background) Theres also a very subtle detail of some scarring from underneath his mask.

This was my first time actually trying to beat him, and we won by a land slide..! Just me and this other guy left. It was really fun.

These were from the first time I fought him! It was during Toonmas and I was doing the Toonmas tasks and YOTT kudos tasks together. 6 hours later at 2 AM I got to him :,D It was so worth it.