{My Art}

Art I made myself. :]



Two doodles of younger Victor and Prester. I planned on using Presters design for another drawing.

{Apr 23rd, 2023}

A redraw of one of my favourite Utena illustrations. (Reference.)

{Mar 28th, 2023}

I was trying out side views and some new shading techniques. (You can really see my progression of me getting used to the drawing tablet haha) I wonder what they're talking about, some may call this a "date".

{Feb 6th, 2023}

Funnily, on my birthday, a patch note was released that gave Prester and Misty their own textures. (Or something like that) For context, Prester and Misty don't have unique textures and just reuse the executive suits normal Cogs use. I misread the patch note into thinking they got *new* textures! (It was just for content pack creators) Meanwhile in a art Discord I'm in, we were talking about it and it turned into me doodling him and Victor in wedding attire. I want to redraw this one day (It was done quickly and I need to give them better dresses...)

{Jan 30th, 2023}

I'm fairly certain this is the first drawing I've really done of him. This was drawn next to a similar doodle of Rainmaker, since they both wear masks I drew my headcanons. This was also experimenting with my new drawing tablet!