{"Fave Chara?"}

Written: March 23rd, 2023

A official Corporate Clash artist was asking on Twitter for peoples favourite character from 1.3.


Ok I was writing this and realized it can't fit into the character limit oopsy- I should say I have many faves (Bellringer, Prethinker, Major Player, Pacesetter, etc) but I'm going to focus on Witch Hunter for this as hes always been the one to intrigue me. :]

I always found his design interesting whsn the 1.3 trailer dropped so I was already biased xD But I avoided spoilers until I was able to fight him in-game a month or two (Three?) later.

I think my interest in him started to really increase from a story view as hes one of the ones we know A Little Less About. Or atleast gives very vague hints that he knows alot more then we will ever. His cogs.ink profile talks about priorly working at a place called S.C.R.E.W. with the C.L.O. of all people. Showing a history between the two. (Did this fued between them always exist? Did Prester start it? Why? Did he start it after the C.L.O got her position and he became jealous? Or did she do something horrible he hasn't let go of?)

Also not to mention hes the CLOSEST COG to the playground! A place frequently stated in-game to be safe from Toons! Yet we keep stopping him before he does anything. (Irony almost that hes his own downfall from never being able to shut up xD)

If its not obvious, my mind tends to wander alot about characters like this. Apart from wanting to know more I just think hes severely underrated! I know his fight is a little tedious but people really overlook his story potential to me.

Also his patch notes about the cats were adorable- I hope Prester being a secret cat lover stays a theme xD