{Witch Hunter}

The Witch Hunter, otherwise known as Prester Virgil, is a NPC Lawbot in "Toontown: Corporate Clash", which is one of the most popular fan dedicated servers for Disneys now defunct "Toontown Online" childrens MMO. Prester was first seen in the "cogs.ink" ARG which had players go to a website meant to mimic the fictional company seen in-game, C.O.G.S. Inc. Players would figure out passwords and usernames for the new managers leading up to their formal release. Prester was fully introduced in the 1.3 update "Hires and Heroes" alongside other new bosses for the player to fight.

In-game, Prester can be found in the third playground the player travels to being "Ye Olde Toontowne". After completing the main tasks, the player will unlock the "Kudos Board". Reaching rank 10 will unlock his fight and upon beating him for the first time the player will gain one maximum health point. He can be found in the playground above the trolley, which has a ladder leading up to him.

(Dialogue when approaching his ladder before reaching his unlock task.)

(Task player recieves to fight him and also when the task is complete.)

The player can fight him repeatedly afterwards if they choose and can obtain (at the moment) three rare drops from him as seen below. There is no order the player can obtain these items in, and they are entirely random. The "Caddish Chapeau" is more rare then the other two drops, and was added January 9th 2023 as of the update.

(Obtained 17th battle)

(Not Obtained)

Caddish Chapeau
(Obtained 8th battle)


Players fighting Witch Hunter will have "content sync" applied to them, meaning they will all have the same level cap of tools ("Gags") and health ("Laff") to fight him. Being capped at 80-82 laff, and level 6 gags. "Pink Slips" and "Cease and Desists" are also prohibitied. "Unites" and "I.O.U.s" are allowed however.

Presters health is at 3450. His lowest damage is 18 whilst his highest is 24. Being a "manager" type of boss, Prester has multiple cheats to his disposal against the player. Which are as follows:

"Will of The People" ~ The more Cogs in battle with him, the more resistance to damage he is. Its advised to get rid of other Cogs and to do Gags that will damage him by proxy. (Such as Sound or Squirt/Zap).

"Growing Mob" ~ As stated above, the more Cogs with Prester the more damage he will do, along with the other Cogs. Players will need to keep the Mob down as to not get overwhelmed. Up to 16 Cogs can be summoned. (Limited to 5 - including himself - in actual battle.)

~ A random Player, sometimes two, will be "bewitched" and given a witch hat. They will be targetted more and recieve more damage until it wears off.

"Mob Mentality"
~ He will give random Cogs a extra attack, and more Cogs will join the battle which ties in with the "Growing Mob" cheat. Its recommended to get rid of level 11 exe Advocates as soon as they spawn in, most quickly with Trap and Lure.

"Trial by Fire"
~ This attack will set (Usually two) random players on fire. They will have a lingering "on fire" effect for a round or two and will take more damage.

"Boilerplate" ~ The AOE version of "Trial by Fire". This cheat activates at his health milestones, being at 2300 HP and another at 1150 HP.

Prester can also use 4 standard Cog attacks, being: "Sacked", "Hot Air", "Guilt Trip", and "Throw Book".


Although more intricate details are unknown, Prester previously worked at S.C.R.E.W., LLC, a weapons company, as a head attorney for 5 years. And previously worked with the Chief Legal Officer (Diane Morsecode) there. Although what their relationship was like at that moment is unknown. Its not currently known what made him want to move to C.O.G.S. Inc, but did attempt to apply for head of the Lawbot department. But was rejected at the application phase.

Interestingly, its noted the Chainsaw Consultant (Chip Revvington.) also worked at S.C.R.E.W. LLC on his cogs.ink profile. But neither Prester, or the C.L.O., have any dialogue or things relating to him. And vice versa.

Currently, Prester has been hired as a regional manager for 8 months, around Ye Olde Toontowne. Prester has a strong dislike towards the C.L.O., although it can't be inferred if this has been a long standing issue, or became recent. Its implied the two have atleast spoken before, and that for some reason the C.L.O. wanted him to have this specific position even when hes overqualified. (As stated in his interview notes.)

Prester also strongly dislikes the Litigation team, and potentially the P.R.R., of whom is currently trapped in the dungeon under Ye Olde Toontowne. Its unknown if Prester had any involvement with them being trapped, but one of his dialogues reads: "It is precisely for this reason that I have sought the exile of that ludibruous skeleton! That hooded muttonhead is far too flummoxed to aid in our crusades." With the only skeleton in close radius being the P.R.R. He also strongly dislikes Toons, and although this is normal for most Cogs, it seems Prester has a overly burning hatred of them compared to others.

And furthermore on the P.R.R., the quest dialogue from one of the shopkeepers for the "Looming Lawbot" kudos task (That has the player finally fight Prester.) reads as such:

It could be possible that another Cog wrote this memo, or that Prester was simply lying in order to get the Toons to fight him and had no intentions of freeing the P.R.R. (Or could it be he was tasked to?)

Its also noted that Presters way of speaking is confusing for Toons in Ye Olde Toontowne, and required a translator. (Who is the character in the screenshot speaking.)

According to his cogs.ink profile, Prester is both a very dedicated type of person but so much so hes extremely arrogant and doesn't have faith in others. Prester has a rather large ego and is very assertive, and described as by Jennifer (The one who did his interview.) as "hoity toity and full of himself". He does not seem to have a issue with taking matters into his own hands, and even has a discplinary record about "notably risky behavior" with attempting to enter Toon territory.

Speaking of Toon territory, Prester is the second regional manager (Alongside Prethinker.) who the player can fight within the playground. A place that is frequently stated in-game to be a safe place away from Cogs. However, the cutscene, and everytime the player fights him, has them stopping him before he can do anything.

Presters in-game likes are stated as: "Show Trials, Angry Mobs, Rabblerousing". And his dislikes are: "Mistrials, Common Law, Legal Merit".

Although its never stated if the patch notes hold any sort of water, some imply he has a liking towards cats. So much so he willingly pampered them. (Or may be willing to, if he ever encountered one.) He also frequently summons Advocates into battle, which are cat like Cogs.

Valentines Day 2023 gave us a little more dialogue with him, that was actually initially cut off to where you couldn't read it fully. A full transcript was provided by a member of the team! (Link)

Granted, not much is really new with this information (Although I do enjoy reading it, teehee.)


A collection of all dialogue in-game, some of which are unused.

Opening Cutscene Prester:
"It is precisely for this reason that I have sought the exile of that ludibruous skeleton!"
"That hooded muttonhead is far too flummoxed to aid in our crusades."
"And what of these supposed "litigators?" That facinorous termagant traps them in her own land!"
"If I had a fraction of the power those gorgers possess, I would end this conflict at once!"

"Excuse me, sire, but you have company."

"Ah, so you are the loathly scum I have sought."
"Your stultiloquence has been a great source of consternation to this organization."
"And unless you intend to sophronise, then I will ensure you recompension."
"Now avaunt, fainéants! Or else face the flames."
"Very well. You picaroons will meet your end NOW!"

Ending Cutscene Prester:
"I've had enough of this mullock!"
"No matter, you poltroons will learn the error of your ways soon enough."
"I've grown tired of dealing with blackguards such as you."
"And I will ensure that this company no longer suffers the indignation of your trespasses!"
"Starting now!"

Cog 1:
"Your words have no effect on us, Prester."

Cog 2:
"Ms. Morsecode demands your presence at Lawbot Headquarters immediately."

Cog 1:
"The company has received multiple complaints about your behavior towards fellow employees."

"Ah yes, the patent clerk."
"It seems her scourges against me will have no end."
"This brabble is not over, we will meet again."

Face-Off Taunts "I've no warmth in my heart for you."
"Fellow Suits, YOU may be next!"
"If I burn you, do you not hurt?"
"Your stultiloquence has been a great source of consternation to this organization."

Death Taunts "I expect to see no more of your jiggery-pokery!"
"I will magnify these events to my own kind."
"Do not show your countenance here again!"
"Take your fiddle-faddle off my floor!"

Bewitched "I will not let this froward embarrass me!"
"Your condition begets your current contemn!"
"A dandiprat like yourself does not deserve your degree!"

Mob Mentality "Fellow Suits, YOU may be next!"
"You are not welcome in our communities."
"These infidels must be exiled at once!"

Trial By Fire/Boilerplate "I've no warmth in my heart for you."
"If I burn you, do you not hurt?"
"Are you feeling the heat yet?"

Surrender "This bombard concludes incontrovertibly in my superiority. Now leave me to conspire!"

Friend Request Denials "No such baseborn will ever earn my favor," the Witch Hunter scoffs.
The Witch Hunter glares at you from beneath the brim of his hat: "As if I would ever be seen consorting with the likes of you!"
The Witch Hunter brushes some dust off his shoulder and sneers, "I will not be susceptible to such applesauce."
"My portion does not lie in your court." the Witch Hunter retorts.

Attempt To Sue (Unused*) "You attempt to sue the surest attorney on this side of Cog Nation? There's more of the lurden than the Laff in you!"

Attempt To Fire (Unused*) "Mooncalves! Those contemptible playthings of yours will never be adequate in impeding my domination over you!"

* (This dialogue could've been temporarily seen in-game during a time content sync was turned off. If anyone has screenshots of this please send them to me!!)

{Personal Speculations}

The words below here are the Webmasters personal thoughts and theories regarding him, and are in no way fact! Simple speculation regarding canon material. For things I made up instead of theorized about, take a peek at the "Writings" section.

I feel like Prester is one of those characters that has alot of potential to him, or one of the types that knows something others might not believe him on. Theres alot to wonder, like why does he dislike Diane so much? Is it simple jealousy, or did something happen in the past? What does he plan to do exactly, apart from just exiling Toons? Or maybe, its really not that deep at all... I like to think it is atleast. I feel like the way hes in the playground shows hes a serious threat, and incredibly close to taking action in some kind of manner. And he frequently disregards orders from Cogs Inc.

So that is to say, what do I think could possibly be brewing in the future for him? The end of his cutscene has the C.L.O. calling him back to Lawbot HQ, presumably very angerily. And he even has a citation on his cogs.ink profile saying he was dangerously close to the entrance of the YOTT playground, Wizard Way. So why does he ignore certain orders, like not freeing the P.R.R.? Is it just because hes arrogant and think he knows better? Does he believe he knows something that is far beyond their understanding, or something they refuse to act on but Prester deems dire?

I don't see Prester as just a simple "He Just Is That Way" type of character. I think in a way, his role in the story is minor right now/underwhelming because of something he might do in the future. I don't think it'll completely change the story, but it will likely be some point of tension. I just don't know if it'll be towards Toons or Cogs Inc.. Which, speaking of Cogs, that leads me to wonder about his motivations for what he does. When I originally wrote this I said, "I think he cares alot about other Cogs, saying things like "Fellow Suits, you may be next!" so could his motivations be he believes hes doing things for the greater good?" But also.. Prester needs people to rally him. Its literally in his attacks that he becomes stronger if his mob is larger. So is he just using others for his benefit? Or maybe its a bit of both, and part of his guidance is misplaced? Maybe some type of event in the past made him this way?

Theres just something going on I tell you..!

{Patch Notes}