An assortment of music. In-game and also songs I associate with him.


Even if I didn't have such strong feelings towards him as a character, his music is some of my favourites second to the Boardbot buildings music. I don't know the exact name of the instrument, but I really like the more "harsh harp" sound and bells that can be heard in the later themes when he has more of his mob. Some may say the bells sound more comforting but I like to think of them as alarm bells (Does that make sense?) I also enjoy the flute too.

Sigil (When approaching ladder)
Opening Cutscene (Beings in a Mob)
Battle Theme Base (The Hunter)
Battle Theme (4+ Cogs in Mob) (Crowd Control)
Battle Theme (7+ Cogs in Mob) (Flash Mob)
Ending Cutscene (A Mob to a King)

Victory (Dance of Kings)

Other Songs

Concertina Ballerina ~ Alternative Radio

"Dressed in white satin with ribbon and lace. Wearing a mask, she is hiding her face. Dancing in time to a concertina. Harlequin knows he'd be lost without her. He was the star of the travelling fair till the concertina ballerina."
"How can he tell her? She stole his heart. Born without speaking, tears him apart."

Lords of Salem ~ Rob Zombie

"I speak the truth, I dare not tell a lie. One child is in fits, the other child dies. Now the yellow bird sits upon her finger. The yellow bird a specter lost to linger."
"Do you think they suffered up on Gallows Hill? Burn me and hang me and I always will. Tumble like a swine, a victim of the fury. Glory to the saint, before you start to bury."

Brutus ~ The Buttress

"And I hate the way the townspeople gather outside. They hang on every breath. Cling to his chest, home to his heart full of pride. The oracle told him to beware the Ides. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't wishing for untimely death or demise."
"I too have a destiny! This death will be art. The people will speak of this day from near and afar. This event will be history,"

Lower (Ones Eyes) ~ Nuyuri

"It was a simple prayer from the start, after all. Admiration gradually disappearing. Now as the curtain's raising up, we'll leave this quiet meeting place and bid farewell."
"Tranquility is exchanged for attrition. In actuality, they're no different. Pleasure turns to lies, Let's get out of here before this place busts open"

I Am All The Mysteries In Creation ~ Revolutionary Girl Utena

"The form I see in the mirror, complex and delicate. Employement patterns. Black clothes with white spots, is the manner of the imperial court. White clothes with black spots, in the form of a shield. An esoteric symbol that people cannot reach."
"Living everywhere, a living image of myself. Far and near, I am all the mysteries. Near and far, I am all the mysteries, in all creation, I am all mysteries. In the world, I am all mysteries."

Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku ~ Revolutionary Girl Utena (Musical Ver)

"Walking to the end of creation. Walking to the end of creation. My name inscribed there upon a coffin, at the end of the world."
"Stranded in the desert I find a haven. Shining with the brilliant gleam of fools' gold. Both the day and night have turned their backs on me, while I stand within this long-lost paradise"

Allegory, Allegorier, Allegoriest ~ Revolutionary Girl Utena

"The last natural trial. Frightening destiny, extinction prophecy, philosophical revolution, lost paradise of Eden, epic by chance, space catastrophe, millenium of horror, thought of loneliness. Human birth, human wisdom, human knowledge, human pleasure, human consciousness, human experience, human revelation, human release."
"Space opening, namely, destiny's enlightenment. Heaven and earth creation, namely, destiny's birth. Myth of creation, namely, destiny's creation. Natural selection, namely, destiny's selection. We should know well, its in our mirror. Even so, that form, is it our flesh? Even so, eternity, absence, we just become a coincidence. Allegory, allegorier, allegoriest. Allegory, allegorier, allegoriest."

Wo Ist die Käse? ~ Madoka Magica

Canterella ~ WhiteFlame

I can't put the lyrics here, "But Beau this is your site you can put whatever you want!" yea and the Vocaloid lyrics wiki is free. Anywho, great song for he and Victor I think.. Neither of these guys know how to yearn like normal people.

Vampires Will Never Hurt You ~ My Chemical Romance

"Someone get me to the doctor, someone get me to a church. Where they can pump this venom gaping hole. And you must keep your soul like a secret in your throat."
"And as always, innocent like roller coasters. Fatality is like ghosts in snow. And you have no idea what you're up against, because I've seen what they look like. Becoming perfect as if they were sterling silver chainsaws."

Magia ~ Kalafina

"You are a memory that continues to dream. I am the sleepless tomorrow. I will move forward in order to attain the miracle of the two of us meeting."
"When I liked books about strange lands illuminated by captive suns, I believed the fairy tales that taught us that wishes would surely come true.. among light and shadow."
"Gently, magic from ancient times bloomed wildly in silence. "The power to change the world lies in those hands of yours”, it whispers. Let us have an unending dream. During this time I go through with you, my feelings alone are all that live. What will create life is this wish..."

Red and Black ~ Bayonetta (Pachislot)

"Raise your eyes, look up at the cloudy sky. The full moon makes your blood run wild. At the time I understood I was your sole existence your reason to be. And I felt that there is something that must not be lost within me. Memories with increase depth of emotion, birds of a feather clothed in red and black. Two stories finally drawing near, the conversations soon will be in combat."
"You know I don't need empathy. Tears must have been discarded somewhere in the distant past. Even when the tide of faith draws closer now, and it shows that you must stand alone and strong. Soul in pure transparency. Memories with increase depth of emotion, birds of a feather clothed in red and black. I will defend my right to live as I please, to fight free you don't have to remember me."

Discord ~ The Living Tombstone

Gekka no yasoukyoku ~ Malice Mizer

My Friends ~ Sweeney Todd (1979 Ver)

Burning Bright ~ Shinedown

Good Lord Knows I'm Greedy ~ Warmer

Sweet Tangerine ~ The Hush Sound

Wine Red ~ The Hush Sound

Mrs.Pumpkin's Comical Dream ~ Hachi