2017 Art

My shenanigans with gemsonas continue, only difference is now I use FireAlpaca (And still do!)

Jan 12th: This was a gemsona I had named Burgundy Pearl for a gemsona group I was in. She was a gardener and was a information slueth. If the group had continued I was going to make that more obvious that shes a snitch xD If you can't tell, Pearls were my fave characters to make. She was loosely based off of those "female Spy" designs for TF2.

Jan 22nd: According to the file name, this is gift art for someone. Sadly I have no memory of for who or where :[

Feb 7th: Adopt reveals of a Ruby and Orange Sapphire. They have a Garnet fusion but I just hate how she looks in modern day >:1 So you just get her counterparts

Feb 7th: Another adopt reveal for a Black Diamond. Ngl I kinda love their design still xD Part of me wishes younger me got more edgy with my designs and became emo sooner.

Feb 16th: Guess what? Another adopt reveal. Yea most of my popularity back then came from these puppies xD Anyways, I don't have these twos names :[ But if I had to guess I'm assuming the left one is a "Teal/Mint Sapphire"

Mar 4th: A character named Black Opal. I love her design still tbh, although I sadly never got to expand on her much :[

Apr 13th: A Alexandrite character, tbh I have no idea why I made this character since I find their design ugly as hell now o_o But I remember watching lavendertownes videos on art advice and how she showed how to make a reference sheet and showed a trick with just flipping the original drawing and editing it. I still use that to this day!

Apr 14th: The first reference sheet for a character I still have today, Mary! She actually wasn't a TF2 oc originally, she was just a random one off. One of my first human OCs actually! I saw this one image on DeviantArt of this hippie girl with a cigarette and her eyes covered with a flower crown, I loved it so much I used it as loose inspiration for her.

Jul 6th: A Red Sapphire and a Blue Ruby, Schrödinger's gems xD I made it for lols I wasn't THAT stupid as a child to know that "Red Sapphires" and "Blue Rubys" didn't exist.

Dec 31st: My first FireAlpaca drawing! I was obsessed with "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" at the time, mainly Jessica

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