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Holy shit! Finally branching out from gemsonas into FNaF. Aka my SECOND special interest when I was a small child.

Unknown Date 1: This was a casual outfit idea for one of my characters, Ashe back in her ye olde starting days

Unknown Date 2: A drawing of the Red Guy from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. At the end of the series theres this sort of "reverse" effect where hes blue.

Unknown Date 3: A reference of my old Parappa the Rapper OC, Leela. She was named after the same character from Futurama. She was meant to be a spider lady that designed clothes. If she were ever in a game, she'd offer the play customization options for reaching achievements. I drew this with my finger on a phone!

Jan 5th: Violet Pearl, she was a mute gem that wandered the woods and was terrified of noise.

Jan 16th: Some backstory for Violet Pearl, I believe it had a story blurb with it but I don't believe I saved it. Iirc it was about how she used to be "prized" and loved and then something happened. Funnily enough when I wrote these characters I gave these vague, somewhat interesting hints to them but in actuality I never gave them dev very far xD I just made it up as I went along or whatever I found cool or interesting

Jan 18th: This was a character I had named Winda, she was a wind spirit who lived in the sky.

Jan 19th: Candy gore of Winda

Jan 21st: Fun fact! I never played DDLC because me and my mom shared a steam account at the time and I didn't know how she'd react to me playing a spoopy horror anime girl game. My fave has always been Yuri btw

Jan 22nd: Valentines Day adopts, I kept the Pink Agate (To the right) and tbh I still love her design

Feb 4th: A robot nurse named "Ms Boots" but I believe her technical name was "CLP" meaning "Care, Love, Protect". She was abandoned so shes slightly glitchy and eccentric and had a interest in "human culture" mainly bad pop music

Feb 21st: A party outfit for a clown character I had

Feb 27th: A gem reveal whose name I sadly don't know. I had a thing for "Hercules" esq outfits at the time and Valentines Day

Mar 6th: A "Bluebird Agate" gem reveal for a friend.

Mar 18th: Angel Aura Quartz who was the snooby librarian of a court.

Mar 18th: A Padparascha Sapphire gem reveal.

Mar 19th: A Hot Pink Sapphire gem reveal.

Mar 19th: A Magenta Sapphire gem reveal.

Mar 21st: A Blue-Green, Golden Yellow, and Pastel Pink Sapphire gem reveal.

Mar 31st: Nacre and Pearl.

Apr 1st: Malachite, Banded Amethyst, and Cats Eye. Apart of a gang together. Cats Eye was my fave.

Apr 6th: A "fairy tale" gem reveal for a Grey Diamond off of Aurora/Sleeping Beauty.

Apr 11th: A Lapis, Red Jasper, and their Malachite fusion.

Apr 20th: A Mystic Fire Topaz gem reveal.

May 13th: A Sapphire gem reveal.

Jun 25th: I was SUPER into Parappa.

Jun 26th: I believe I had just played Um Jammer Lammy :D I was trying a "lineless style" for a change for a bit.

Jun 26th: Bears :D And the final part of the "Neon party" drawings.

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