2020 Art

Honestly, had no idea what I was doing this year for ...obvious reasons. But I also had a bad falling out with a group and it took me a long time to come to terms with it, so my art was kind of lacking this year. I was also doing ArtFight on team Spice.

Jun 2nd: I was really into SCP stuff at the time even if it confused me to tears. xD

Jun 22nd: ...I was mainly into SCP-049, teehee. But this one was a "art tutorial" I did (that no one asked for) to show how I did shading.

Jul 1st: Cupid for Theophag on ArtFight

Jul 1st: Muffy for ferriswheelsdayoff on ArtFight

Jul 1st: Teo for a deactivated user on ArtFight

Jul 2nd: Alma for Basilistic on ArtFight

Jul 3rd: Circus for DogMeatZ on ArtFight

Jul 3rd: Healy for Aforava on ArtFight

Jul 4th: Characters for 162bpm on ArtFight

Jul 5th: Glooby for Cheeb on ArtFight

Jul 21st: Miku in her "Close and Open, Demons and The Dead" outfit

Jul 26th: This was when I got into Ace Attorney, ngl I only drew the Feys so the fanbase would like me :,] I got bullied there alot

Aug 5th: I made "monster"-ish designs for some of the characters, heres April May

Aug 5th: Dee Vasquez

Aug 19th: The Crygors from WarioWare :]

Aug 24th: Ini and Mimi Miney from Ace Attorney, theres some flower symbolism I looked up but I forget.

Sep 16th: Franziska! :] I did a redraw of her official art to a Britney song lol

Sep 19th: The original wolfboy, Lang

Oct 17th: Calisto and Shih-na to Starstrukk

Nov 15th: The first time I ever drew Blaise!

Nov 15th: And Sebastian :]

Nov 15th: Simon to "Cops and Robbers" by The Hoosiers, its a very fitting song

Dec 3rd: Snow Miku! A really popular figure account retweeted this ;w;

Dec 10th: I finished AAI2 :]

Dec 17th: Lamiroir :] I think someone copied this...?

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