2022 Art

I quite like the art from this year, although I'm still not entirely satisfied with it >:I But I'm nearing something good I feel.

Jan 8th: Moon Rabbit Cookie!

Jan 14th: Miku as Tara The Singing Robot

Jan 15th: Sun from FNAFSB

Jan 22nd: Moon from FNAFSB

Jan 24th: Black Raisin Cookie :]

Mar 4th: Juniper Woods to "Check Check 1 2" by Kurage-P

Mar 7th: Sebastian Debeste to "Chuhirachuhira dadada" by Kurage-P. Originally I was also going to include "Hate it! Hate it! Huge Ego!" and "Trash Trash" in a mini series since theyre all from "Diary of An Underage Observant" but I got lazy :P

Mar 17th: Cooki time

Mar 17th: For MDRForever as part of ocartswap

Mar 29th: For Gingerbraves birthday contest!

Apr 11th: This was for my mom since Birthday and Firecracker are her faves :D

Apr 12th: Alchemist and Bellflower :]

Apr 24th: Rambutan was just released

May 14th: Redraw of Blaise as that iconic anime goth girl photo lol I also used this for my old navlink ad!

Jun 11th: Some pride Mikus :] I wanted to make mores but didn't have time :,]

Jun 11th: A series of "green figure" redraws, heres Gumi!

Jun 18th: A series of "green figure" redraws, this is Lilith-chan!

Jun 26th: My best friend, Pinkies, birthday present! Some oc x canon :3

Jun 27th: More for Pinkie u3u

Jun 31st: One more for Pinkie :3

Aug 1st: And a final doodle of Pinkies oc, Floo

Aug 16th: A series of "green figure" redraws, so heres Poison Ivy!

Aug 17th: A series of "green figure" redraws, this is the last one, idol Cthulu-chan >3<

Aug 27th: A self portrait for my about page

Sep 18th: Working on Sekai stickers! This is Emu in her stage outfit. Shes a monkey based off of one of Ruis cards :]

Sep 19th: More Sekai stickers with Nene! Shes a squirel

Oct 5th: I decided to make Rui a more "alchemist" look instead of the rest of the unit being animal based.

Oct 22nd: Commander Tartar human-ish design I did! He has a mannequin leg since hes so old I'd imagine he'd use random parts to repair himself. His clothes are tattered and he uses old human clothes as "patches". Also part of his face underneath the goo looks like a police sketch since hes trying to replicate a human.

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