October 2022 Update

Happy Halloween!

Written: 10/30/2022

Woe! Halloween be upon ye! A holiday that is actually christian in its roots, its my perfect excuse to tell my parents to buy me lots of candy >:] Although sadly I haven't been able to go trick or treating for the past few years for.. obvious reasons.

My first ever Halloween costume was a flower. I sadly don't have a photo of baby me but please know its the only photo of myself I'd call adorable. My more recent Halloween costume was from around 2018-2019 when I went as that fucked up red guy from DHMIS. The yarn head was actually 2 headbands with a shit ton of yarn on them. It looked super good but DAMN did it hurt after a while x_x It was funny whenever I went to a house they'd ask who I was and I had to tell like 5 different grandmas I was a spaghetti monster xD

My fave candies are Kitkats, Swedish Fish, and Twix! Although candy is candy so o3o I don't care too much. And also my opinion on the "dark vs white chocolate" debate is that I like all chocolate, in case you were wondering.

When I was thinking of writing this blog, I realized I don't have too much to talk about besides life updates.. -.- so I think it'd be fun to get into the Halloween spirit by talking about things that used to scare the shit out of a tiny Beau o_o!

But before that, heres some life updates :P You can skip ahead I'm not offended lol

In my last blog I talked about my eyesight, I got my new glasses! I feel so much better and can see alot better now too. Not much really happened this month.. o3o BUT I got Splatoon 3! :D My secret is cleaning the entire house it seems as though Splatoon is becoming a special interest o_o.. I mean it kinda always was, I played it all the time on the WiiU. But now it appears in full swing O_O. I've also created a webring for it, Splatnet! You can find it on the front page.

Next month however.. I have quite alot to do.. ._. I'm going to go visit some family in a pretty far away state for a few days. And I am NOT excited about it at all ._. I don't like road trips.. but I'll be able to watch a bunch of anime in the car so o3o gotta find some positive. I want to do some things before the end of the year, like finishing a majority of my pages (Collections, OCs, some art,) and start some bigger projects next year (Whatever that means) I get anxious about time. I always feel like I'm running out x_x

But anyways, as I said earlier I figured it'd be fun to spruce up this blog entry by talking about some spooky memories I have :] I'm not very easily scared nowadays but when I was younger I was xD And I was rather curious so that didn't help matters

Those little fuckers from The Nightmare Before Christmas had a weird hold on my tiny brain. (Is TNBC a Christmas or Halloween movie..?) And it wasn't even the movie that freaked me out! I started getting nightmares about these 3 suddenly and then became mortified of them.

I don't remember the order of which they came in, but they happened when I was around 6-7. The main one I remember was one of those dreams that felt really realistic (Which freaked me out more as I was young and when I woke up I thought it was some kind of warning sign xD) I was asking my parents if I could sleep on the couch (Something I did alot as a kid) and when I turned around the frankenstein looking kid was just staring at me o_o

The other dream I remembered involved the witch. We had just moved out of the house the dream above happened in and for some reason I was back in it but the entire house was dark and empty. It was kinda like a horror game xD I was like a walking flashlight and could see fine. Anyway, I walked to my room and there was some kind of lightning outside which showed the little witch girl staring at me from the corner of the window.

Its funny, even as a child TNBC was one of my fave films! I put myself thru a "exposure therapy" method when I was around 10-12 by rewatching it a bunch of times to get over the weird nightmares I had xD

When I was young I was very curious about many things, primarily horror. Around 8-10 I started watching SomeOrdinaryGamers haunted gaming creepypasta readings. I used to huddle under my blankets on my tiny 2DS Youtube app that would crash constantly for no reason watching them. One in particular though scared the hell out of me and not even because I thought the story itself was creepy xD

The story is pretty simple, some dude remembers this creepy board game he used to play. He decides to replay it only to find the game is haunted and is now coming to haunt him. At one point in the story the rat fucking manifests outside the main character and his girlfriends house and describes how its scratching/banging on his door..

Wanna know what fucking happened at this point in the story? MY OUTDOOR CATS STARTED FIGHTING and I have never jumped out of my bed so fast. I bet my parents were super confused as to why I looked so mortified about our cats fighting xD

I didn't.. watch creepypasta readings for quite a while after.

FNAF was one of my more first serious interests. I remember finding it from those "Kids React" videos and was totally enamored with it. Yes I want my seniors coffee fuck you Despite it terrifying me I was totally fascinated with it. Surprisingly the animatronics themselves didn't really freak me out but it was more of the eye contact heavy jumpscare images. Foreshadowing towards my autism since I despise eye contact xD

There was one character though that always managed to freak me out, being Golden Freddy. I dunno just o_o the way he sat there unsettled little Beau. One instance on the ye olde 2DS Youtube app I was scrolling and it froze when I scrolled past him. Yea I sure didn't sleep that night ._.

In a similar vein to the previous 2 entries, I was obsessed with Minecraft so it was inevitable I was super into Minecraft creepypastas. I used to sit behind my mom at her desk quietly watching them. I remember trying to summon Herobrine in a few of my Minecraft worlds xD

It makes me rather sad that nowadays kids don't really have too much of a space to express their interests, esp in horror media. Or horror media for children being cash grabs or made fun of simply off of the basis they can be enjoyed by children. If its not obvious already, I'm pretty passionate about kids safety online and it always really grinds my gears when people for no good reason have to dunk on them just enjoying their fun :/ I never really experienced this bullying as a child but I did see it pretty often second-hand. And I'd say in that regard it affected me for a long time with my anxiety and thinking I'm cringy for having harmless interests

So like, kindly, if theres kids near you. Don't shit on things they might enjoy ._. Its just not productive..

My fave types of Creepypastas were always the "ritual" based ones. I still try n find them to this day, even though they don't scare me anymore xD I didn't have many friends growing up so I always liked to imagine I could befriend these giant monsters that would probably be very confused as to how a 9 yr old summoned them.

I sadly don't have much energy to finish this blog.. x_x I'm sure if you've seen my activity feed you noticed this took TWO days to write! Well thats because in the first section of the blog I suddenly got a really shitty headache ._. I'm very sensitive to weather changes and its super dreary out where I live, so my seasonal depression starts to make my head hurt.. I'm fine now as of writing! I just need to take a long day off sometimes and sadly it made me lose my motivation to finish writing this.. but I hope you enjoyed my rambles :]

Happy Halloween everyone!