September 2022 Update

September 2022

Written: 9/29/2022

Wow! Its been a long time since I've written a blog entry. I've decided that I'll be doing general "Life update" blog entries at the end of each month. And with September only having a few days left, I figured nows a good time to start :]

I'm sure many of you have noticed the site has gone under a major rework, I'm very happy with how its turning out so far! I wanted to redo my layout since I wasn't exactly unhappy with how the old one looked, but I've learned so many new coding techniques that I felt like it was time for me to improve. At the time of writing this I'm almost done with my art section, it was rather tedious :,] but very worth it! I had to downsize all the images I wanted to use so it doesn't slaughter my storage.

My current mentality for working on my projects is to prepare for next year. So I'm not gonna do any major things until next year ;w;

As for my real life, I suddenly got strange dizzy headaches about a week ago. At first I thought it was just me being on my computer too much since I had been working on my art section almost daily, so I tried to take it easy for the next few days. But I found out, its actually my glasses! I can't see far away, and its been a year or so since I've had them updated. So my visions been strained :[ I went to the eye doctor recently, we went to a local one that was near where we normally shop for groceries, and my mom said we entered "the boomer zone" when we walked in xD It was strangely small and super stuffy x_x The guy was also a total idiot and very impatient.. I have very sensitive eyes and can't take eye drops and for the first time, the light they shine in my eyes actually started to hurt like it was burning me. Thats never happened before!! D:

My right eye is my lazy eye and has astigmatism, although strangely for some reason I found out this is actually my "primary" eye..? Anyways, after having a slight sensory overload I got my prescription filled, so I'll get my new frames in a week or so :D My mom says shes gonna try and find me a more consistent eye doctor since almost all the ones we've gone to are very.. old fashioned.

My mom has told me I should consider this weird eye surgery I forget the name of in the future, I honestly do not like the idea of anything medical right now.. :,] I recently had to go under anathesia for a dental prodecure so the idea of needles and hospitals are a bit sensitive right now. And plus, my eyes are pretty much okay. I just have to stay on top of my prescription.

Recently Splatoon 3 was released, and I love how it looks so far!! Sadly I can't play it right now, but I'm hoping to get it for Christmas when it likely will go on sale O.o In the meantime, I've been enjoying Splatoon 2! I sadly haven't been able to really play my Switch since I've been rather busy with my art and website, and I missed out on Splat2! x_x But I finished the main story and working on Octo Expansion! I'll likely make a shrine eventually. If you'd like to play feel free to contact me on Discord :]

I used to play Splatoon all the time when I was little when the first game came out. I'm super happy you can play as Octolings now! I used to watch those "Splatoon hacking" videos when I was young trying to figure out how to glitch into a Octoling.. xD

Project Sekais Japanese anniversary is coming up soon, and I'm so overwhelmed in a positive way!! They recently did alot of quality of life updates on the English servers, I'm mainly hyped about the "Trust Bond" titles!! I speedran getting the MEIKO/KAITO one.

My mental health has been on and off this month, this is usually the start of my seasonal depression.. o_o but surprisingly I feel I've been able to handle it surprisingly well, esp with my headaches in mind right now. I mainly just keep having existenial dread before I go to bed, and get anxiety x_x I feel I've been pretty productive all things considered though! I've been working on setting up items for my Etsy o.u

Its been getting more chilly where I live in the mornings and slightly thru out the day its been colder too! Now when I wake up I need TWO blankets and I won't get out of bed from how cold it is :,] I've been trying to get some more exercise in with stretching in the morning and before bed. I don't have very good leg blood flow. x_x...

I consider September a sort of "limbo" month. You never really hear anything going on in September xD But I'm obviously super excited for Halloween in October! Very predictable that its my fave holiday I got a flyer in the mail for 20% off at Spirit Halloween, so I'm gonna drag my parents there soon.

Happy September! :3