A page in dedication to those who put up with my ramblings and crayon scribbles, my friends! If you'd like to be removed or added, please feel free to send me a PM!

Pinkie !!! - Pinkie is my best friend in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD!!! I love zher more then anything else!! The Teto to my Miku, the Nagisa to my Mami, and the My Melody to my Kuromi!! Pinkie is the sweetest person I've ever meet and I am forever grateful for the universe aligning us to meet. Please visit their website! or their site for their fan game!!!

Mildew - Mildew is the giant monster that lives in my walls to protect me from otherworldy beings :] I remember finding his art after stalking thru the Blaise Debeste tag and I always saved his art since I was too nervous to actually interact with him! :,] I showed Pinkie his artwork early on in our friendship and Pinkie being the outgoing person zhe is ended up liking almost ALL of their Raymond Shields art, throwing us into a friend group xD

Jack - I've been friends with Jack for a VERY long time, at this point I should consider him a brother! Jack is incredibly funny and will always defend his friends :,] Although our interests have drifted apart, he will always be a dear friend to me

Angel - A very old dear friend of mine, Angel deserves a veterans discount for all the weird shit hes had to see me go through :,D And also for hearing my somewhat incoherent ramblings on Team Fortress 2.

Nephro - This lobster has escaped containment from the grocery store and made a website... Cool!! :D Nephro is one of my biggest inspriations not only as a webmaster but also just as a person in general and to speak what I feel. Visit their website NOW.


To put simply, if my website was a baby and I had to let someone babysit them, it'd be one of these guys!

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