~ Lily ~

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Age: Teenage (16-18)
Gender: F (She/Her)
Personality Alignment: Neutral Good
Group Alignment: New Squidbeak Splatoon
Primary Weapon: Splat Brella
Species: Octoling

"Pale summer moonlight shimmers on the seafloor.
An octopus, unaware that dawn will bring capture,
Rests within a trap, dreaming fleeting dreams..."

-Octo Expansion Opening Poem


Lily is kind and soft spoken. However despite being selectively mute and what many would think, she does enjoy being slightly cheeky to others. When Lily was younger she often felt "different" or disconnected from her peers since she was thought of as being "over emotional". Her older sister, Symphony, recommend she take up a art form to better show how she feels about things. Hence why she creates poetry for all the mem cakes in Octo Expansion. Even before hearing Calamari Inkantation, Lily had a interest in other art forms such as dance, theatre, and costume design. Although shes far too shy to be in front of others on stage..

Lily dislikes conflict or possible arguments, and is entirely pure-hearted in her intentions and behaviors. However she ends up being slightly naive and most sarcasm or when people are being rude to her flies over her head.. shes loyal almost to a fault, but a incredibly good listener and friend. She'd draw you a picture!

Her favourite activites involve listening to music, looking thru her hoard of fashion magazines, and her friends often describe her as a sponge of information regarding freshness.


Lily was raised alongside her older sister Symphony by their aunt, Mimici. Their mother being a elite octoling soldier who primarily had them for military purposes, and thus unable to care for them. Lily lived with her aunt up until hearing Calamari Inkantation during the final boss of Splatoon 1. In which she was so overfilled with emotions that she felt possessed to leave and go to the surface. Despite leaving her sister behind, a action she deeply regretted later, she was hoping to retrieve her sister at a later date once confirming the surface is safe.

However this plan wasn't easy, and Lily later encounters Aries (Agent 3) and Cuttlefish. Mistaking her for a foe, the three all end up within the Deepsea Metro. And the events of Octo Expansion begin.


Lily greatly admires her older sister, Symphony, and tries to include her in as many things as she can. The two have a strange connection in being able to tell when the other is lying or doesn't feel well. So despite Lily usually being able to hide her worries from her friends, she has a hard time from her sister. Lily also has a aunt, Mimici, who sadly takes advantage of her trusting personality of her elders in lying to her about the outside world.. Thankfully she takes her sisters advice and usually ignores a bulk of what her aunt says.

Apart from her family, Lily only just recently started making friends once leaving the Deepsea Metro. Primarily with Aries (Agent 3) and Gem/Ini (Agents 4), whom she all greatly adores. Despite Gem constantly teasing her Aries tries to make up to Lily about accidentally attacking her at the start of Octo Expansion by showing her places around town and introducing her to new music. Lily also deeply admires the pop idol duo group, Off The Hook, and sometimes entirely forgets they're friends from how excited she gets.


Lily is a Octoling that stands at about 5'8, has dark skin, and default ink color is hot pink. Lily has "ink freckles" across her body that change along with whatever her current ink color is. Same with her eyelashes which have a strange almost "goopy" like appearance. Her irises have a "8" like symbol, and do not change with her ink color. She enjoys trying new fashion and trends, but will usually default to something cutesy and comfortable. She doesn't change her hair too often, and typically leaves them braided with beads.


-Lily is named off of the song "Tale Of The Deep Sea Lily" by n-buna