~ Sunny ~

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Age: Young Adult (20-24)
Gender: F (She/Her)
Personality Alignment: Chaotic Good
Group Alignment: New Squidbeak Splatoon
Primary Weapon: Dapple Dualies
Associated Color: XXX

-Sunnys Story Disc





Sunny is a inkling with tanned skin, standing somewhere at 5'9. She has a average to slim body type but has a slight stomach. She loves a variety of styles but primarily dresses in a mixture of romanba, amekaji, and ganguro styles of gyaru. She can't stand clothes that are stuffy or restrictive, or generally "dreary" (Although she doesn't dislike others who are goth!). Living in Splatsville, she usually wears "tropical" or loose clothing both to beat the heat and also for fashion. She usually defaults her hair to being in pigtails, but wears a high ponytail if shes working or doing sports. Sunny frequently adds "her own flair" to outfits such as adding bracelets or colorful makeup. She tends to dress very inappropriately for the weather, but the cold doesn't seem to bug her.