Name: Symphony
Age: 23-25
Gender: F (She/Her)
Personality Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Group Alignment: Octarians
Weapon: Hydra Splatling

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"Symphony is a elite Octoling soldier that patrols towns on her motorcycle with her gang. Shes one many youngins look up to and aspire to be, but when she goes missing in search for her sister.. what will be the fate of her gang?" -Symphony Story Disc


Symphony has a more cold, stoic, and generally hardened exterior. Whilst on the inside shes actually rather emotional and a bit of a softie. Symphony takes alot of pride in being the one to protect others, even at her own expense. And wishes to be a good influence on those around her. But at a cost, she ends up bottling her emotions and never saying how she truly feels. And as such, has a hard time expressing herself.. Her friends describe her as "a gentle giant".


Symphony and her younger sister Lily were born to a elite Octoling soldier for military purposes, and don't really know much about her. They were both raised by their aunt, Mimici, after Lily was born. Symphany became a elite Octoling in her later teens, and patrols thru towns. One day accidentally hearing Calamari Inkantation, which she describes as "something I've felt inside", she started trying to find ways to get her and Lily to the surface.

Unbeknownst to her, Lily hears the same song and goes missing (See: Octo Expansion or Lilys page) and Symphany sets out to find her..


Symphony has a younger sister, Lily, who she is searching for. They have a mother that is still alive, but Symphany does not feel any emotion for her. She and Lily were raised by their aunt, Mimici. Although Symphony is very suspicious of her and does not fully trust her. Symphony is very protective of Lily so much so shes willing to disobey orders in a attempt to find her on the surface.

Symphony has no strong feelings about other species such as Inklings or her fellow Octarians, although secretly she thinks sea cucumbers are incredibly cute. She still has a rather lawful personality similar to other Octoling soldiers, although she secretly believes more in personal freedom and wishes to stop fighting after hearing Calamari Inkantation by accident.

Symphony has a harder time expressing her emotions so others are rather intimidated by her. Despite this though many view her as a "big sister".


Symphony usually wears her Octoling soldier outfit with her tattered jacket, although the sleeves are missing. Two long strands of seaweed are attached to her glasses to show her status. Outside of her Octoling soldier clothes, she likes more biker, masculine, or generally gothic clothing. Her resting facial expression may leave people to think shes upset or mad at them, but she actually is just very nervous at showing emotion. As such her face is usually stoic. She also has a large scar on (to her) left shoulder in a "slash" pattern.