Name: Ashe
Age: Early
Gender: F (She/Her)
Chaotic Good
Mann Co


"Ashe is one of two managers for the small Mann Co store located in Teufort, alongside her
brother Sage. In actuality, the store merely serves as a front in order to keep good standing
with the townspeople, and doesn't carry any normal Mann Co goods apart from hats. One of Ashes
duties is to be as friendly as possible. Unlike her brother though, she actually is very convincing
with being kind to the residents. But some seem completely turned off, or just flat out mortified
by her presence.. but those are just crazy nuns, right? Besides, its rude to gossip." -Ashes Story Disc



Ashe is always upbeat and encouraging, although not to a hyper degree. She gets excited over things
people consider "small" or "normal" such as being invited to gatherings or recieving gifts. Shes always
one to let others cry on her shoulder, or to extend her hand out to others even at her own expense. Her
brother often scolds Ashe for her apparent naivety to other people and their real motives, always trying
to see the best in others. But unbeknownst to many, Ashe is not as clueless as she presents herself. Ashe
does not care for others because she is naive and can't possibly see any flaws, she cares for others
because she chooses to with their bad traits in mind. Sage appears jaded by life whilst Ashe still
tries to find the good in it. She is not a pushover in any sense, although she does often "lightly lie" to
others in order to keep them happy. Whatever shes gone through in her past, Ashe thinks its best

for people to remain ignorant in bliss, whilst her brother is brutually honest. Surprisingly, her own brother seems to not know
what really goes on in her head, as Ashe can be very unpredictable and may suplex someone if she or someone shes close
to is being threatened. She wasn't hired for no reason apparently Ashe does not like being pitied or "felt bad" for. Leading her
to bottle up her own emotions and doesn't say how she truly feels. Even if she doesn't realize it herself.. a sense of loneliness and
yearning looms over her.



Ashe (and her brother) past is shrouded in mystery. Even if the mercenaries view them as solely co-workers, its still a bit unnerving that
even the townspeople don't remember when they appeared. The most Ashe has ever said is that their mothers went missing one day.
Interestingly, Ashe always has a different answer to basic questions like how old she is. Or where she was born..



Ashe has a twin brother, Sage, although their personalities are completely different. Ashe thinks of him as stuck up and too stubborn.
Ashe is very friendly to others, but surprisingly does not have any close friends. One of her more immediate friends however is Eve,
since the two share a interest in the same music. Ashe views the mercenaries very fondly unlike her brother, but views them as being closer
to her then they really are. Although she does get along more with Heavy, Demoman, and Engineer. Scout sees her as intimidating
and is slightly afraid of her for some reason.. Ashe seemingly has a very close relationship with Ms Pauling and frequently dotes on her.
Despite this, something very rare from her, she seems very disgruntled at their bosses.. and does not seem to like the presence of
Burgy and Sapphire although she acts polite.



Ashe has medium darker skin with warm undertones, and dark brown red-ish wavy hair. Her eye color and shape is unknown, as
her eyes are always shut. (But apparently she can see just fine..?) Ashe has a average body type and is slightly curvy, and
stands somewhere around 5'5 ft. The left photo is her work uniform, whilst the right photo is her casual outfit. She prefers more
loose and flowy feminine clothing, and seems to stay up to date with at the time "modern" fashion. Her hair style can vary but
usually she wears her hair down, and flips her hair outwards with a curling iron.



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Ashe is the Civilain class which can be read more about here. She is a low level civilain meaning she does not need much caution.
Her primary is a umbrella, and her secondary a "distraction" device that can trick enemy players away from her with noise.
She has 130 health and average run speed.



Ashe does not have normal cosmetics like the mercenaries, and instead has "Outfits". Outfits can be read more about here.


Ashe originally started as a more generic tenth class oc Baby Beau age 10 didnt know what he was doing and eventually
turned into a shopkeeper. I had originally written her to secretly also be Nurse, but as I wrote her I realized it would
cause too many inconsistences. Her original name was also "Maria" which ended up being a very long placeholder.





If you have a fun question for Ashe, feel free to leave it under my guestbook or my site profile!

-Ashes fave ice cream flavor is strawberry or banana. :]
-Her design and personality is loosely based off of Ini Miney from Ace Attorney and Mima Kirigoe from Perfect Blue.
-Ashe is bisexual and has no particular leaning