Helpful Sites

Helpful Sites

Resources, webrings, or other wise helpful things I use!

w3schools - Please for the love of God go here if you're just starting - A file hosting service, I use it for stuff that I can't host w/o a supporter account like my mp3s! ;w;

Vocal Synth Compendium - A reference guide for many different vocal synths!

Nexusmods - A place for many video game mods, primarily known for its Stardew Valley section. Each mod page has a dedicated section for reporting bugs or general posts about the mod the OP can respond to.

Neocreatives Webring - A webring for visual artists of Neocities!

Myfigurecollection - Collect anime figures or other otaku goods? Make a account on myfigurecollection to keep track of them! A catalogue of pretty much every anime figure under the sun, with garage kits included! You can create a wishlist for figures you want to keep a eye on. - Although primarily known for the waybackmachine (Its webpage archive service) many people seemingly don't use its other functions like being able to look at thousands of books, audio, or other forms of media and contribute to its ever growing archive. The mp3s on this site were found thru its audio section! :D - A Ace Attorney fan website that has been up almost since its beginning. Although updated somewhat infrequently, its a staple of the fanbase and has many resources in its archives like sprite rips or old fanart!

Court-record Forums - The forum site to the site above, this has quite alot of interesting information if you take a dive! Like interviews, news, or otherwise interesting facts about the series or translation projects.

Gyakutensaibanlibrary - A page for some older Ace Attorney media like interviews that haven't been translated!

TF2 Sourcecode - The SDK for TF2 from January 2008, ported to Source Engine 2013. Do with it as you will ;D

Valve Dev page for TF2 - The wikipedia page for help with TF2 sourcemodding

Districts - A cool place to find new websites!

Neo-neighborhoods - Whats new in the neighborhood?

Self-Insert Webring - Admit it, you have or had a crush on a fictional character at one point in your life. ...So have the people in this webring! A webring for people to show their love for their fave characters :3

Otakuarchive - A archive for some old anime!

Funky Webring - The most funky webring on the planet

Rarebit - A incredibly helpful tool if you want to host a web comic on your site!

Navlink Ads - A community made ad ring that displays other users site! You can also submit your own

Fun Sites

Fun Sites

Quizzes or otherwise silly websites to visit

PonyTown - Browser based social game where you can create pony characters in the MLP style in various ways! Tons of social clubs and roleplaying.

DollDivine - My childhood website is still online! Dolldivine now supports HTML with alot of their browser dressup games.

Picrew - A japanese based dress up site with dress up games made by users, you can also create your own!

RPG Horror Games - A list of various RPG maker based horror games with their download links and relevant information!

makesweet - You know those heart locket gifs? They come from here! You can create a variety of other funny images too

gifypet - Add a adorable custom made pet to your webpage!

Cookierun-test - A official Cookie Run personality test

imood - Display your mood on your site!



Graphics to put on your site! The ones that are manually placed here were made into PNGs by me, although you do not need to credit me if you use them. I'd love to know what you do with them though!

Blinkies - A archive of tons of blinkies! You can make your own!

Graphic Dump - Pages that link to various graphics!

Uncanny Valley Graphic Dump - Graphic dump page from Uncannyvalley!

Line Store - Line stickers! To download, hover over the image and select "Inspect" and look for the .png

Cyber-rot Blinkies - The blinkies section of cyber-rot!

Cyber-rot Buttons - The buttons section of cyber-rot!

Sugarteara Graphics - The graphics section of sugarteara!

spriters-resource - Find various ripped sprites from games!

Graphic Dump - A directory of graphics!

Cookie Run Fankit - Some official graphic rips from Devsisters!

VHS Effect - As seen on my opening page

Random background on reload - For how I made my home page have a different background on every reload!

Windows 7 CSS - This is how I got the "windows 7" box look!

Sticky Note Code - As seen on the updates page - Links to various cool codes to use and also graphics!

100x100 Icons


Panty and Stocking

Super Sonico

Madoka Magica


Recreation of "Mimas Room" website background from Perfect Blue