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Update Log

11/26/2022: Redid index, slightly edited about me page, added "song of the day"

11/13-14/2022: Redid about me page, fixed issues with the window 7 css having broken buttons and messing up sizes.

11/4-6/2022: Finished OC page (Lily)

11/1/2022: Coding tutorial blog entry, new graphic in misc

10/30-31/2022: Added 3 new graphics and Halloween/October blog entry!

10/23/2022: Finished Splatnet and added Webring index

10/19-20/2022: Working on Splatnet, redoing shrine index

10/12-18/2022: Working on webring, working on OC index, made Madoka Magica collection page, added 2 new graphics

9/30/2022 to 10/10/2022: Made collections index, added alterhuman webring, reworking shrines index, working on Project Sekai shrine (Leo/Need), minor color change for this page

9/26-29/2022: 2019-2022-2021 art sections done, september blog entry up!

9/23/2022: Redid art index for realsies this time, added 4 new vocaloid graphics, working on "secret" section

9/21/2022: Finished about page, updated blog index, updated art index

9/17/2022: Redid index page, 2 new Vocaloid graphics, updated home page

9/15/2022: Redoing site in win7 css

9/11/2022: Removed counter from pages besides the home page so its not broken lol. Minor grammar fixes

9/10/2022: Added new OC page, although there is no index yet. Started on Project Sekai shrine, worked on "about me" page, added so the "please wait" opening loading screen has a "click here if page does not auto redirect", lots of new graphics I've been meaning to upload

8/27/2022: Updated navlinks, added about me page

8/21/2022: Made best friend shrine, added 2020 art page

8/20/2022: Finished 2019 art page, redid shrines index

8/17/2022: FINALLY figured out how to make it so when you reload the home page it changes the background image. Added 2 new resource links under graphics, changed the inbetween loading page when you hit "yes" on index, added VHS effect to index and loading page, added 3 new graphics to resources, changed the toolbar to a png.

8/8/2022: Created blog page, added new background to "resources", added 3 new tiny graphics to friends page

8/7/2022: Updated fanlisting URLs and added the Queer Coded Webring to the opening page

8/5/2022: Finished 2018 art section.

8/2/2022: Finished 2017 art section, working on Stardew Valley Modding shrine

8/1/2022: Added new graphics

7/30-31/2022: Re-added guestbook/small tweaks, addded friends page, added art index, finished 2016 art section, added site button

7/28-29/2022: Remaking website. New index, loading screen, main page, and update page. Added navlink ads, webamp, and informed webring owners of change.

To Do/Working On
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-Make collections