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A very special shrine for someone very special and someone I consider my platonic ideal of a soulmate, Pinkie !!!

How Pinkie?: Pinkie crashed through my digital window one day and we have been friends ever since. :3

When Pinkie?: At precisely 06/18/2021!

Why Pinkie?: Pinkie is the most kindest, considerate, and funniest person I have ever met. And everyday I am grateful for the timeline this universe carries for us to meet. Although I'm not the best person with words, I hope that one day I can find the truest phrase that describes my appreciation and admiration for them and how they've changed me. Now I'm a motivated evil overlord!

What else about Pinkie?: Pinkie is a incredibly skilled artist, so much so I originally mistook them for being much older! Pinkie is creating their own game and has even coded a website for it! Please consider giving Pinkie your support, they deserve it the upmost!!!