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Leo/Need Unit Story
"A unit of four childhood friends, who became estranged after various circumstances. The distance shifts between the four."

Stella After the Rain
"After forming a band with her childhood friends, Saki's days were full of happiness. One day, she found a poster for an event at the observatory and made a plan to go together with them..."

Don't Let Doubts
Hold You Back
"The Miyamasuzaka High Choir Festival is coming soon. Honami was appointed as the organizer of the class, but her opinions ended up being split in two instead! "What exactly is kindness..." The answer that Honami, who's suffering from a dilemma, came up with is...?!"

Musical Twilight Parade
"Shiho has been troubled ever since she got scouted by a band that's about to make their professional debut. During that time, Saki went and invited her to go to Phoenix Wonderland together. Meanwhile, Tsukasa and the others are getting ready to give the girls their full hospitality!"

Singing Among the
Cherry Blossoms
"In order to get better for Shiho's sake, Ichika goes to practice her singing together with Nene. And in an effort to gain more confidence, Ichika tries her hand at performing on the streets, but what awaits her is an unexpected encounter...?!"

Resonating with you
"Ichika and the others found out that Shiho is being recruited by another band. And then, Shiho is finally able to reveal the feelings she's been keeping in her mind... And the answer that Ichika and the others come up with is....?!"

Unnamed Harmony
"Having decided to become pros, the members of Leo/need have begun practicing hard. In order to create an original song for their live performance, each member had to create a phrase for the song and show it to the group. Saki, who wanted to contribute to the band, tried to compose music twice as much, but...?"

A Bright Future!!
"The four members of Leo/need are steadily preparing for their first live performance. The progress of the songwriting for their original song has been going well, and all that's left is for Ichika to write the lyrics for the song. Ichika was enthusiastic about expressing the feelings Saki had put into the song, however...?"