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Primary Server: ENG
ENG Friend Code: 162341011232665609
ENG Start Date: Dec 7th 2021
JPN Friend Code: xxx
JPN Start Date: Aug 30th 2022

"Project Sekai ft Hatsune Miku" or "Colorful Stage ft Hatsune Miku" is a idol gacha rhythm game for mobile devices. Originally released in Japan on September 30th 2020, the game now has been released for Taiwan (September 30th 2021), English (December 7, 2021) and Korean (May 20th 2022) users. The game involves playing various songs, and tapping to the beat of the music. Players can collect cards through the gacha of various characters, and play events to further progress the story and compete with other players for rewards and rankings. Each card has different qualities and characters to them, using certain qualities and characters will boost the players ranking if a event is going on. Cards can also be upgraded in various ways such as leveling up the skill, mastery, and also viewing side stories for each card. Players can also view live events (Usually a "Aftershow" for a event or a celebration) in which they can recieve special titles or stickers to show other players.

Aaa!! I've been waiting so so long to play this! I didn't really know much about it when it was first released in Japan, but quickly preordered it when it was announced for English servers. I've been playing it ever since :3 I consider the English server my "home server" and is the one I primarily play on and grind for events on.

If you'd like to friend me but for some reason either of my friends lists are full, please dm me or notify me thru my guestbook/site profile! I usually just accept requests from randos and favourite the actual people I know. :P I love playing with others!

For "all unit" event stories, check the Virtual Singer page! If they are not listed as "Main Story" for a certain unit under their event section, they will be listed there. For mixed unit songs or songs put in the "Other" category in the game, check the Virtual Singer page for their stats!

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