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Heres a shocking fun fact about me! Splatoon is technically my first shooter game, beating TF2 by just a year. (Splatoon in 2015, TF2 in 2016 for reference) I remember downloading the testfire for the WiiU, misunderstanding the time zones, and then crying my eyes out :] ahh the memories..

I played the absolute shit out of Splatoon 1, although sadly that account has been lost to time as we no longer have the same WiiU, and I think that the account associated with it is tied to my moms now deleted old email.. RIP. :< But if my memory serves right, I think I maxed out my level or was close to it.

Although I loved Splatoon 1 to bits and pieces, I sadly wasn't able to play Splatoon 2 during its prime. Primarily because at its launch the Switch was still rather expensive and scalpers were thru the roof. I was also rather pre occupied with other interests, so by the time I finally got around to Splatoon 2, the final fest had already passed D: Its one of the very few things I regret in my currently beginning life span.

Despite me being unable to play Splatoon 2 for quite a while, my interest in Splatoon never truly dwindled or faded away. It was sort of like Animal Crossing in that if I saw something relating to it passing by, I'd certainly take the time to check it out. Although I wasn't too interested in actually playing FOREVER cursing myself out for this! AARGH!

Sometime around 2019 I had gotten a copy of Splatoon 2 for Christmas, although I wasn't able to fully play it since I didn't have a membership This was pre-Animal Crossing and I didn't have many games on the Switch, esp ones that required a membership to be fully enjoyed So, once again, CURSING at myself for not paying more attention to it. Although I apparently logged in sometime a Splatfest was going on since I have the tee..?

Anywho, Splatoon 3 was announced and many of my friends Well I dunno if we're friends- I don't like pushing things onto people and I misinterpret things alot xD more of "just people I hang around enough for them to remember my name" had gone absolutely bonkers over it. I watched the direct and although the announcers voice annoyed me, I quickly dusted off my copy of Splatoon 2 and quite literally speedran the entire story mode xD

Well, I guess my lost time on Splatoon 2 has come back in full swing in the form of Splatoon becoming a special interest and me furiously looking into every nook and cranny for content that little Beau was too stupid to figure out how to look at. The Youtube website was for me watching bad creepypastas, AMVs, and hacking videos It kinda always was, atleast when I was little playing the first game. But evident by this page, its surely back now ._.

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