These are the current rules of the webring as of March 20th 2023. If you have any questions or notice someone violating the rules, please contact me!

1: Webmasters must be over the age of 13
2: SNS sites such as Twitter, Tumblr, or Tiktok are not allowed in the webring along with Carrd, Rentry, or Txties. You must submit a website that has atleast 5 pages of viewing (About, Art, Blog, Shrines, etc) Websites will not be removed from inactivity, but will be temporarily removed if the URL stops working and the last contact of the Webmaster will be asked to reapply.
3: Although I don't care about Webmasters opinions about anime ships, sites that discriminate against: race, ethnicity, sex, gender, sexuality, disabilites, or have misinformation (Such as conspiracy theories with no scienctific backing that may affect the lives of others) will be denied or removed from the ring.
4: Sites that participate in bullying or ban/block evasion will be denied or removed from the ring.
5: Sites with more mature topics (Such as gore, nudity, or politics) will be more picky into the ring. Sites that focus solely on pornography or sexual content may not apply, or at very least their contents must be on another link not seen immediately (Such as having a page that is not immediately visible, and has to be deliberately found by the viewer).

And finally.. Sites must have some type of Splatoon page, even if WIP! Sites added into the ring BEFORE March 20th 2023 have been grandfathered in, and do not need to change.

Although I do deny hateful people into the ring, please know I do not fully condone everyone in the ring. They are their own people as I am my own!

"Why was I denied/removed?"

Although I usually give a explaination to why someone was denied or removed, heres some things to note. If for a minor offense (Such as dunk URL) you may reapply in the future!

1. Webmaster engaged in harmful behavior (Stalking, harrassment, slandering, bullying, bigotry, or general behavior that may hurt themself or another person) including on SNS
2. The URL no longer works or the domain has completely changed, thus breaking the ring.
3. Site is very incomplete (Such as being stuck on a "Come back soon!" page for over 5 months) or does not have a Splatoon based page/shrine.

I like to think these rules are rather lax, but please don't be afraid to ask for clarification or questions about them! I obviously cannot keep a eye on everyone at all times.. So please inform me if you notice someone breaking a rule!

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